At PhotoPro we offer various styles of photography
to capture the best of any property and cater to almost any marketing approach.

Various Video Styles

Aerial/Drone Only Video

A drone only video is a simple means of showing the property on its environment, and its proximity to local amenities and point of interest.

Internal Video

A short video highlighting the internal features of a property is the perfect accompaniment to a collection of still shots. While the regular shots portray a wide-angled view of each room, the video can close in on the finishes and appliances.

Combined Drone and Internals (No Voice-Over)

Combining internal video with drone fly-overs of a property is the best way to  present all the benefits and charms to prospective buyers.

Combined Drone and Internals (With Agent Voice-Over)

Personalise your video with by speaking to the camera to introduce the property or by providing a commentary throughout the video.