At PhotoPro we offer various styles of photography
to capture the best of any property and cater to almost any marketing approach.

Various Photography Styles

Atmospheric / Mood

Atmospheric photos are a great way to highlight the details of the property. They are especially useful for highlighting the quality of the appliances, the finishes and the architectural features. They are often used to evoke the lifestyle that can be achieved in a property.

Straight Perspective (Square-On)

Often a feature of architectural photography, square-on shots provide a clean, undistorted view of a space.
The shot can be framed to narrow in on a certain area or taken wide to still show the entire space. When used in combination with traditional wide shots, they offer a good balance and style while also capturing the mood of the entire space.

Standrad / Three-quarter

Three-quarter photos are ideal for showing the entire space of a room or space.
They are taken wide to capture the whole room, highlighting the size of the space. When combined with atmospheric and straight on shots, they offer a complete package.


Twilight shots are a popular way to add a rich vibrance to a property. Photopro has long experience in selecting the right time between dusk and evening to capture the optimum colour gamut. Street scenes of streaking headlight and blurred figures add a special quality that can not be obtained with daylight shots.

Related Services

Virtual Furniture / Digital Staging

Digitally, generated furniture is an inexpensive means of adding appeal and charm to an empty premises.

Digital Enhancement

PhotoPro specialises in adding finishes and details to brand new apartments and residential developments.


Unwanted items can be digitally removed to create a clean, appealing image. This process is especially useful when photographing rental properties prior to a tenant’s departure.

PhotoPro Post-Processing

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