PhotoPro's standard retouching is of the highest standard.
Our retouching is done locally in Sydney enabling us to provide a fast turn around and superior QA. 
To illustrate what we do to our photos, we have a gallery above comparing our final image to the original photo taken. The original photos were taken with a flash at the correct exposure based on the camera's light sensor. 

The final images we produce have the following applied to them:

  • Weather correction - on the odd occasion it rains in Sydney.
  • Colour correction - real estate photos should always be vibrant and appealing. 
  • Light balancing - dark patches in a photo make the place to cold and dark, so we minimise this effect. 
  • and much much more but we're not giving all our secrets away!
    (All we can say is that we have a comprehensive retouching procedure and each photo is retouched by hand in Sydney.)