At PhotoPro, we pride ourselves for having the best retouching procedure. We hire the best local talents and train them to be better. As a result our retouchers are miles ahead of the game. 

Things that set us apart from the competition is not just our realistic virtual furniture or our ability fix things, but also attention to detail such as:

  • Accurately replicating the colour of the room. A lot of retouchers fail to recognise that there are different shades of white, especially if images get sent overseas. It may appear like the room is washed out or the wrong colour, and they don't accurately represent the features of the house. At PhotoPro the colours are always spot on. 
  • Enhancing the colour of pools and water views realistically. Our water views are noticeable in thumbnails, but are also realistic when enlarged. 
  • Our standard photography include post-processing enhancements as standard such as, removing wires and cables, removing glares and reflections, adding fire to fireplaces, removing stickers and magnets from white goods as adding pictures to TVs to name a few enhancements.